The Nate Shaver Family

Nate and Rachel were married in January of 2011. God has blessed them with a growing family. Through God’s leading and power, they started Open Door Baptist Church in Cadiz, KY, in 2015 where Nate pastored. They served at Open Door for 4 years before the Lord led them toward His call to Iceland.

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Sephora  Shaver

 Sephora’s birthday is August, 19, 2012. As the only girl in the family she embraces everything girly with her whole heart. She loves to craft and sew anything that comes to her mind. She’s becoming a wonderful cook and her mamas right-hand gal.

Myles Shaver

Myles’ birthday is November 20, 2013. Myles is an adventurous boy who loves being outside and doing anything manly. He will devour any book set in front of him and will play any sport available.

Delbert Shaver

 Delbert’s birthday is June 27, 2017. Del is a ravenous learner who would rather spend hours reading than just about anything else. He loves to tell jokes and talk to people.

Cornelius Shaver

 Cornelius’ birthday is May 21, 2019. Cory loves to go solo and play with his cars and trucks. You can find him walking around the house singing random church songs throughout the day.

Theodore Shaver

Theodore’s birthday is August 22, 2020. Teddy loves people and loves to make people smile. His favorite thing to do is to play with his big puzzles. He loves to be in the thick of all the action happening around him in our household.

Cecelia Shaver

Cecelia's birthday is January 16, 2022. A doll is always in reach, and her adventurous spirit keeps us on our toes. She loves her family and is trying very hard to tell us all the things she is thinking.


Partner With Churches

We are currently in the process of deputation, and we are praying that support is raised quickly.

Continue Education

We will be beginning the process of language acquisition, along with other education opportunities that will help us in ministry.

Influence Others

While on deputation, it is our desire to influence the next generation for worldwide missions.

2023 Prayer Letters



"With no reservations, I would like to recommend my son, Nate, and his family to you as your representatives on the field of Iceland. In his role as pastor at the church he started in 2015, he has demonstrated the leadership and vision that will be a great help to him on the field. He has been faithful to the Lord his whole life and is now leading his home with the help of his godly wife, Rachel, to also be faithful to the Lord."


As Pastor of Greater Cumberland Baptist Church, I am highly grateful that you are considering partnering with the Nate Shaver family, our missionaries to Iceland. They and the Michael Shaver family will be making a phenomenal team to help establish a godly and biblical foundation in a country destitute of the gospel. I am asking that you pray how YOU may hold their ropes.


Please Pray!

Safety while traveling
Wisdom and direction in planning for our eventual move to Iceland


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