The Michael Shaver Family

God has worked in the Shaver family in His own wise way. Michael was married in July of 2010 to Nadia and the Lord gave them 5 beautiful children. It was during this time that God moved them into missions in the summer of 2018. In the fall of 2019 the Lord allowed Nadia to be diagnosed with stage three cancer and saw fit to take her home in January of 2021. The Shaver family had to pause their deputation to wait on the leading of the Lord. Throughout the beginning of 2022 the Lord allowed them to begin building a relationship with Rachel Deverick. Michael and Rachel were engaged in September 2022 and married on Feb 10, 2023. The Shaver family is excited to continue following the Lord as He leads them to Iceland.

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Michael Shaver

The Lord allowed me to be born into the home of full-time Christian workers. They were faithful to always keep the Lord before us. From the time I was very young they taught me of salvation. I received the Lord as my Savior when I was about 5 years old and was baptized shortly after. As I grew older I struggled with this on and off due to different things in my life, until I was reading a book on the blood of Christ and once again got assurance of my salvation.

The Lord has allowed me to serve in ministry in many capacities. I have always been a part of our church soulwinning program from the time I was twelve years old. I started in the bus ministry when I was in high school. When I went to college, I was involved in many different areas of service from children’s ministries to senior ministries. I have been involved in missions trips, youth events, and many other small scale opportunities. After college the Lord allowed me to teach in the Christian school for a year before moving us to Hopkinsville, KY. I worked a full-time job while I was a deacon and taught the youth at our church. For the last two and a half years before calling us into missions the Lord allowed me to come on full-time staff at the church where I oversaw the music department, the Youth department, and help to set up a daycare outreach program. We look forward to what God has in store for us in missions. 

Rachel Shaver

I had the privilege of being raised in a pastor’s home and have attended church faithfully all my life. As a pastor’s kid, I learned a lot about ministry and was able to see God do some mighty things. Since our church was a church plant, I was able to help and be involved in a lot of areas including serving as the church pianist, singing specials with my family, and helping in the nursery.

At a young age, I accepted Jesus as my Savior. When I was twelve years old, I realized that I did not remember asking the Lord into my heart and made assurance of my salvation. It was the greatest day of my life! When I was 16, I heard a message about surrendering your life to Jesus. The message spoke to my heart and after the service, I went forward and surrendered my life to serve the Lord however He would lead.

I graduated from Bible college in 2014 with a degree in Secondary Education majoring in business. Since college, I have served in my local church as an administrative assistant to the pastor. I have had the joy of helping to organize mission conferences, outreach events, and ladies Bible studies. It is amazing to see how the Lord has been preparing me for our future ministry in Iceland. I am looking forward to seeing what He will do and how He will use us! 

Jaden Shaver

 "I am twelve years old. I am an avid reader and and enjoy collecting the lamplighter books. I like science, strategy games, and working out."

Deacon Shaver

"I am ten years old. I like being a goofball and clowning around. I like legos and nerf guns."

Colton Shaver

"I am eight years old. I like doing crafts, drawing pictures, and telling jokes. I like playing board games with my family."

Adelynn Shaver

"I am six years old and was saved and baptized recently. I like telling others about Jesus. I like singing, all animals, and the color green."

Elin Shaver

"I am four years old. I like candy and sneaking candy when I am not allowed to. I like to tag along with everything my brothers and sister do."

Recommendation statements:

Charles Keen

“I want to wholeheartedly and without reservation recommend Michael and Nadia Shaver

to you for your consideration to be part of their ministry in Iceland, both prayerfully and


Ken Shaver

“Michael has a teachable spirit. He acknowledges that he does not have all the answers and has proven himself willing to listen to and act on godly advice from experienced men. He is a man of great integrity and follows through on his commitments. I believe he would be a return on your investment in world evangelism.”

Our Vision

It is our vision to start with a few people who will believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. We desire to train them to know, and study, and understand the Word of God for themselves, to be able to share and teach that with others and to disciple them to the same place of independent maturity. We desire to see them grow in numbers and grace, to plant churches and undertake visionary goals that the Lord has given to them. We desire to see a good translation of the Scripture made into the Icelandic language by the Icelandic people. We want to see them have a burden to reach not only Iceland but the whole world with the gospel, to not just take the news of salvation but to go and train other nations to maturity as the Lord has brought them. 

Icelandic Missions is a pioneer work that will require much prayer and many hours of labor. We may never see the end result of our labor, but we desire to establish a work that will grow far beyond our influence. We desire to see a heart in the people that humbly strives to bring honor and glory to God throughout the world.

Please Pray!

Raise support quickly
Safety in our travels
Beginning the paperwork process for Iceland
Spiritual strengthening for our family

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